Zodiac Signs

Just like choosing your favorite pair of jeans, the perfect pair of shoes, or a partner that can match your values- you need to chose the ideal sex toy for you. No, it is not that easy and you can’t just take one off the shelf and know it will work for you. But if you believe in the power of the zodiac or just relate to your sign, then you will love what we did! We matched your zodiac personality to the toy that can truly relate to you best- based on what your sign values whether it is alone or with someone else. 

We-Vibe Wand


This raging bull sign needs a toy that can match its competitive, bold, and powerful personality. A sign often associated with the head; this large bulb ended wand could not be more spot on. 

Scandal Blackout Eye Mask


A Taurus likes a good tease so why would we not recommend the Scandal Blackout Eye Mask. Keep them tingling and tantalizing for more in this sexy luxurious mask. 

We-Vibe Nova


You have heard Gemini are the twin sign, so is it too obvious to have found this dual stimulation toy to be just the right fit? Both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation to offer more all at once. 


Always finding small ways to deepen their relationships Cancer will find this ring will surely keep the intimacy alive. It provides closeness and sensation for couples play. 


For the go-big-or-go-home Leo, this vibrator will keep up with their aggression by vibrating, pulsating, and thrusting. 


Attracted to anything minimal and practical, this bullet fits the mantra of “precise and versatile, while shockingly simple”- any Virgo could appreciate. 

We-Vibe Moxie


Most seen as people-pleasers, Libras will always find that thing to keep both parties happy. Try this panty vibrator, no one will feel left out, but both will feel the excitement. 

Chrystalino G-Rider 

Available in-store


Pioneers for the sexual, Scorpios will bypass all the frills and shrills of a vibrator and opt in for a more subtle dildo to get the job done. With a flair for the unconventional this can include toys of different materials such as glass!


They love to try new things, experiment if you will, with the adventurous. We of course found these luxurious corset cuffs to satisfy their cravings. 

In Touch Dynamic Trio


One word-versatility. A toy that can do it all, with interchangeable heads you can find stimulation in a multitude of ways. You can thank us later Caps!


Waterproof, innovative, and intense this vibrator does not skip a beat when it comes to pleasing an Aquarius. Plus, its unique design meets their need to stray from the conventional. 


Solo or with a partner, Pisces love surrounding themselves in good vibes. Quiet literally in this case, this vibrator tickles and tantalizes the clit for an overall amazing sensation.