Intro to Male Toys

While sex toys are most associated with female pleasure, this is no longer the case. Men are discovering the wide range of sex toys specifically designed for them. Male toys that enhance masturbation and sexual satisfaction.

Just like women’s toys, there are now so many to choose from and it can be overwhelming to just understand what they are and how to use them let alone know right away which one will be best for you! Let’s break them down and find out!

Why use a male toy?

1. Strokers can help you to train yourself to last longer in bed.

2. Cock rings can potentially enhance your erection strength and stamina.

3. Prostate massagers allow you to experience brand new sensations.

4. Vibrating male sex toys may give you more powerful orgasms.

Different Types of Male Toys

Sleeves and Strokers

Looking to just start with something simple? Then sleeves and strokers are the best place to start. They are small, discreet, travel-ready, and can provide some incredible sensations along the length of the entire penis. What can make for an amazing solo session can double as a great couple’s toy that is not intimidating. Sleeves and strokers come in a variety of textures and realistic skins. The design is intended to mimic lifelike skin, sensations, and tightness to make for a more authentic simulation of sex. 

C-Rings (Cock Rings)

Designed the gently trap blood in the penis once you have achieved erection, c-rings are available in many different materials, sizes, and shapes. A ring can improve the firmness of the penis and may also help increase your stamina. C-Rings can be used during sex to enhance both you and your partner’s enjoyment, or you can slip one on before using a penis pump for a potentially longer-lasting erection.

Like their non-vibrating counterpart, vibrating cock rings will safely trap blood inside the penis, potentially allowing for a bigger and harder erection.

However, these male sex toys also provide you with sensational vibrations that you can both enjoy! A vibrating cock ring will enhance sex with a partner, but you might also like to attach it to your favorite sleeve or stroker to give it an extra buzz too.


Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a hidden gem located in the man’s pelvis between the penis and the bladder. When massaged, much like the female G-spot, you can easily stimulate this area via the anus. The experience can potentially create an incredible full-body orgasm, many report climaxing from this massage alone. 

Penis Extenders

If you want to boost length and or girth, you will want to try a penis extender. Simply slip one over your shaft, secure it in place and give your partner just that little bit more with every stroke. This is a great way to experiment with size no matter the reason. 

Penis Pumps

When regularly used a penis pump may give a long-lasting increase to penis size. The suction safely engorges the penis, which can feel great, but for best results place a cock ring over the base of the penis before pumping and your shaft should maintain its extra length and girth after you remove it from the cylinder. 


The Fleshlight is the most well-known brand in male masturbation. Fleshlight's are great for beginners as they come with a discreet case and textured insert. If you want to live out a fantasy, they also make celebrity strokers of some of you favorites stars in the industry.